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Welcome to Fullblossoms June 13, 2008

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This site is just for fun where I put random things on. If u see something that belong to you and you do not wish to leave it on this site please email me to let me know and I will be gladly to remove it. Please note everything in this site are credits to the right owners. Manga from this site are made from fans to fans, it’s not use to distro/sell in anyway. Please support the mangaka (author) by buying there comic at the comic stores.

Images and PS Brushes from this site are found while searching through the internet. Please use them as you like, most brushes are free for personal uses only, if you’re using it for commercial purposes, you must buy it from the owner or ask for their permission. If the owner of any brushes listed on this site wishes to take there brushes off, please let me know by leaving a message.

Anyone who would like to request for missing chapters of the current manga that’s hosted on this site email me or leave a message in the request page and I will upload it if I have it. Please only request if you know that there are scanlations group that already release them.