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Anikaos February 13, 2008

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Kaoani comes from the japanese KAO – Face and ANI – Animation. Kaoanis are little animated smilies that usually look like they are floating. The origin of the kaoani is Japan. Anikaos are so cute that you can use them on your websites, blogs, forums, or even on MSN & AIM as avatarz.

All Anikaos are from Anikaos.com, visit them for more updates.
pika.jpg Pika
anime.jpg Anime

bear.jpg Bear

panda.jpg Panda

pinkusagi.jpg Pink Usagi

pinky.jpg Pinky

lemon.jpg Lemon

mint.jpg Mint

cactus.jpg Cactus

peas.jpg Peas

brownusagi.jpg Brown Usagi

crazybunny.jpg Crazy Bunny

yellowjelly.jpg Yellow Jelly

cats.jpg Cats

whiteusagi.jpg White Usagi

horoscrope.jpg Horoscrope

lotr.jpg LOTR

floatingblobs.jpg Floating Blobs

chikaskaoani.jpg Chikas Kaoani

penguin.jpg Penguin

animeanimated.jpg Anime Animated

kaoaniballoon.jpg Kaoani Balloon

starwars.jpg Star Wars

crazyalien.jpg Crazy Alien

angelstarkaos.jpg Angel Star Kaos

queenmintsmiles.jpg Queen Mint Smiles

puccaloveemotions.jpg Pucca Love Emotions

doremismiles.jpg Doremi Smiles

worldkaos.jpg World Kaos

chibikaos.jpg Chibi Kaos

kaoliccakaoani.jpg Kao Licca Kaos

halloweenimages.jpg Halloween

purplekaoani.jpg Purple Kaoani

christmas.jpg Christmas Gif

codelyoko.jpg CodeLyoko

fruitbasket.jpg FruitBasket

original-rice.jpg OriginalRiceBall

animekitties.jpg AnimeKitties

redfoxsmiles.jpg RedFox

animeanimated2.jpg AnimeAnimated2

chibinaruto.jpg ChibiNaruto