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Hana Yori Dango February 12, 2008

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Comedy, Shoujo, Romance, Drama
Volumes 36


Most high schools aren’t ruthless. Most students don’t need Anger Management. But at Eitoku High (a rich snob school), all of that doesn’t apply. The F4 (Flowery Four) are a group of four beautiful guys whom no one, not even the teachers, try to oppose. Soujiro and Akira are two playboys who spend each night with a different woman, while Hanazawa Rui sleeps his day away. Domyouji Tsukasa, the notorious leader, is the one who needs Anger Management. When Makino Tsukushi, a thick weed from a poor family, shows up, she turns Tsukasa’s world upside down with a hefty kick to the head. This is a strange, humorous romance of two people from different origins coming together and trying to overcome the challenges life throws at them.

Scanlation Group/s: MangaProject, ShoujoMagic, Hawks, Selene Scans, HYD Scanlations, + Others

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